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Dump Truck produces customized software for the Construction Truck Industry.  Dump Truck Brokers, Aggregate Material Sales/Resale, Waste Bins, Roll Offs, Bins and Tanks.


Trial programs can be installed on your computers.  Since no two dump truck companies do business the same way, we interview you to see which of our screens more closely resemble your business model.  For users that only bill by the hour, tons or load, we have tailored screens that reduce the number of keystrokes needed to invoice.  The Material Sales/Resale (Aggregate) clients need a more robust data entry screen.


Our systems are designed to provide screens for every business function you perform. 


You are not simply licensing the software, but obtaining your “in-house” software team.  When your needs change, we make the necessary program changes!


What is Custom Dump Truck Software?

Businesses conduct operations differently.  Most software companies want you to adapt your business to the data entry screens their developers designed.   Our Dump Truck Software changes to the way your business operates.  We have over 100 data entry screens designed by trucking companies.    We start your company out with one that is close and then we copy it, put your name on it and then add and remove items to make the fastest possible data entry screens for your clerks.


What is the cost to customize our Dump Truck System?

Virtually all customized systems are included in the already low license cost!  We have been in the business of building custom software for Dump Truck companies since 1991.  We understand your industry.


What is the cost for training in the Dump Truck Software System?

We would never ask you to purchase a program and then expect you to learn it yourself.  Or, charge you an arm and a leg to tell you how to run it.  Training is included for the Dump Truck Software System.


Are there ongoing fees for the Dump Truck System?

First year support is included!  Follow on support is optional and allows for reinstallation of the program, all the updates and the addition of screens and reports.  Extensive changes that may encompass many screens and reports and necessitate a major reengineering effort can be discussed. The Dump Truck System enables companies to take on more work without hiring additional personnel.



The Equipment Menu has screens for Equipment Types, Equipment File, Fuel Tracking, IFTA Tracking, Purchase Orders, Repair Orders and more.


The Rolodex Menu contains screens for Employees, Independent Contractors, Customers, Quarries and Dumps.  The Safety/Compliance feature enables you to create your own items to track (medical cards, insurance CARB Expiration) and messages automatically appear on the Independent Contractor Pay Statements when an item is going to expire in 30 days or has expired.


There are several Quoting/Customer Job screens to select from.  The basic quoting screen allows you to change column titles and contents per quote.  The Aggregate companies specify more detail in their quotes.


Invoicing for freight bills and weight tickets is extremely fast as we present you with what we think closely resembles what you need to enter.  If there is extra information or more fields needed, then we copy the screen, make it yours and quickly change it for you.


Accounts Receivable functions are provided.  Aging Reports, Monthly Statements, Posting payments, NSF checks, Deposit Tickets and Revenue Reports.


Driver Revenue Statements are created for your employee drivers.  You can pay your drivers a percentage of the gross or by the hour.


Pay Statements for Independent Contractors (IC).  You may pay one IC at a time, or all that are payable in a specified time frame.  You may also pay when you get paid.  After posting a check, you can in turn click a button to pay all that worked on the invoices you just posted.  You can also review and pay ICs individually.


“I have been waiting 20 years for this program and it exceeds my dreams”

Zena, XS West Trucking and Contracting, Vancouver Canada


“The programmers at Brasl, Inc. built a custom dispatch screen for our office.  They were not only efficient, but also receptive to our requests and effectively implemented the majority of our suggestions, with an emphasis on patience as we changed our requirements during the developmental process.  I highly recommend Brasl's Dump Truck System (DTS) for all dump truck companies!”  -Jessica Amezcua, Mag Trucking


DTS Architecture.

·       A state of the art database is utilized.

·       Your information is contained on your computer in your building.  We do not use the “cloud” so there is no chance of your information being visible to competitors or snoopers. 

·       There is no purge process.  Information stays in the system for the life of your business and the DTS remains as fast as it was on day 1.

·       New report requirements can go back in history and garnish information to accomplish the task at hand. 

·       The database is also fault tolerant. Unplug your main computer and the database resets itself.

·       The DTS can be installed on any Windows Operating System.  The DTS can be installed on Macs if a Windows emulator has been installed.



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